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Fabulous Five, week 2

I’m cheating. Super Seven is only going to be five. Five things that brought me joy this week.

This was the second week back after my holidays. The first full, five-day week. With a new baby. I think I’m too tired for joy, exactly, but it was a good week. There were things that made my heart rise a little. I can conjure up a weary smile, but joy? Takes too much energy, thanks. Mostly I just want to go to bed.

Going to bed would bring me joy.

Monday: First Monday with the new baby, Noah. Some tears, no screams. No screams is good. This made me smile.

Tuesday: The dog’s innards have settled. I can’t say that I enjoy cooking her ground-turkey-and-rice meals, but it’s better than the alternative.

Wednesday: Anna wore a tutu. Is there anything cuter than a three-year-old in a tutu? (I got that picture from The Tutu Boutique. Interested in a tutu? Check it out!)

Thursday: Yes, there is. A three-year-old in a tutu, rolling down a sunny hillside.

Friday: Or a three-year-old in a tutu, screaming with laughter as she chases a dog across a sunny field.

The highlight of my week? Anna’s tutu. Hee.

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