It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Hurts so good

Baby Noah is getting a nice, snuggly bottle before his nap. Just him and me, in our own little cocoon of lovin’. Baby slurps and baby sighs, a nice warm body nestled against mine. So sweet and peaceful and


No, it’s not tanks rolling down the street. It’s more like crockery rattling on a shelf. Only I can see the china cabinet from where I sit. Nothing happening in there.


Not quite crockery. More metallic than that. And there are definite “thuds” associated with the “clanks”. All coming from the kitchen, which I can’t quite see from where I’m sitting. Also coming from the kitchen are gales of laughter.

“BWAH-HAHAHAHAHAH…gurgle, chortle, snort.”

Well, no one’s being hurt, at any rate. But, depending on just how they’re making that CLANK noise, that could be a matter of seconds. I set Noah down with his bottle, which he’s quite capable of holding on his own. I just like the occasional baby snuggle.

riotous laughter

I peek around the corner, and I see…

Click on the pictures for the larger view. Still not clear on just what you’re seeing? Here we have Timmy on the left, and Anna on the right. Timmy and Anna are under a shelf in the kitchen. The shelf holds, as you can see, a toaster, a radio, a container full of utensils, and, which you might not be able to see on the far right of Timmy’s picture, a small plate on which lies a fork. (Also on the shelf: a twist tie, a bread tag, some crumbs from the toaster, and some dried spilled milk. Must get to that.)

Timmy and Anna have discovered — lord only knows exactly how — that if they crouch under the shelf a bit, and then stand up REALLYFAST, the fork jumps on the plate and makes a really great CLANK! noise.

This is very, very funny.

It also hurts a bit.

But it is soooooo funny that we must do it over and over and ooooover again. They rub their head a little, because, you know, you have to hit the shelf pretty hard to make that cool CLANK noise, and go back and whack it on the shelf again.


Each CLANK is one small head bashing itself against the underside of the shelf. I figure they each took at least a dozen shots to the occiput.

So if I’m not here tomorrow, you’ll know the CAS has come and taken me away. I’m hoping the video I took will be sufficient evidence for the defense.


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