It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am not working today.

I have rearranged the clothing shelves in my room, after I had a brilliant moment of clarity re: effective use of small shelves and mesh baskets. (It look SO MUCH better. And will be SO MUCH easier to keep tidy. I am BRILLIANT!)
I took the dog for her pre-breakfast walk. (One hour. We did some “loose-leash” and “recall” practice while we were at it.)
I took a long walk, and had a leisurely coffee with my sweetie.
I will be planting 75 tulip and daffodil bulbs in my front yard. As soon as I clear out the leaves.
I will pull the laundry in off the line and put it away as soon.
I will begin cooking Thanksgiving dinner for seven tonight (seven people, not seven p.m.). After I plant the bulbs. In two hours from now.

Somewhere in there I will have a shower.

But I am not working, not me!

So, no daycare stories today. If you want to read about some woman’s weird-but-wonderful teen, you might follow that link.

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