It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am not working today.

I have rearranged the clothing shelves in my room, after I had a brilliant moment of clarity re: effective use of small shelves and mesh baskets. (It look SO MUCH better. And will be SO MUCH easier to keep tidy. I am BRILLIANT!)
I took the dog for her pre-breakfast walk. (One hour. We did some “loose-leash” and “recall” practice while we were at it.)
I took a long walk, and had a leisurely coffee with my sweetie.
I will be planting 75 tulip and daffodil bulbs in my front yard. As soon as I clear out the leaves.
I will pull the laundry in off the line and put it away as soon.
I will begin cooking Thanksgiving dinner for seven tonight (seven people, not seven p.m.). After I plant the bulbs. In two hours from now.

Somewhere in there I will have a shower.

But I am not working, not me!

So, no daycare stories today. If you want to read about some woman’s weird-but-wonderful teen, you might follow that link.


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  1. Enjoy!

    I am, thanks!

    Comment by Jerri Ann | October 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. It’s not work when you’re enjoying yourself and you don’t HAVE to do it, right? I’m impressed Happy Thanksgiving! I’m waiting anxiously to eat turkey and dressing in just over a month.

    That’s right! The bulbs are all planted, I’m showered and changed — and even put PRODUCT in my hair. The roast is in (pork, not turkey), the vegetables are prepped. Oh! The laundry is still outside! Thanks for the reminder!!!

    Comment by Alison @ hairlinefracture | October 13, 2008 | Reply

  3. No, not working…indeed. So, how much do you do in a day when you ARE working?

    Actually, don’t answer that…it would make feel like a sloth! 😛

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and ALL of yours.

    Would it make you feel better to see the list of things I intended to complete, but didn’t get to? It’s a psychological tick of mine: if I don’t accomplish something meaningful as well as the relaxation, I just don’t take the enjoyment of a holiday. Is that the famed Protestant Work Ethic?

    Comment by Zayna | October 13, 2008 | Reply

  4. Tulips! Oh those are so pretty, I want to move up north and plant them in front of my house.
    Happy Thanksgiving! Do you guys do the whole turkey/stuffing etc thing too?

    Gee. I’ve never stopped to consider that before: Do you southerners not get tulips, then? Well. One small downside to the warm weather, lack of winter, famed southern manners, then…

    We’re not doing turkey. My sweetie’s kids will already have had one, if not two, turkey dinners with family on their mother’s side. I had thought my son would have had turkey with his dad (though I was wrong — he had it with his girlfriend’s family!), so I’ve planned a pork roast and trimmings. (See above comment.) It will be yummy!!! Me, I like eating turkey, I’m just not so fond of cooking the dratted things… I can always go to a restaurant, any time I want turkey!

    Comment by Kelsey | October 13, 2008 | Reply

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! We did the dinner last night and get leftovers today! I love having two Thanksgivings!!

    Comment by Angela | October 13, 2008 | Reply

  6. In the south (I’m near Atlanta, GA), you can get tulips – once, maybe twice but then they are gone. I’ve had much better luck planting tulips in pots – they actually have come back for about 4 years. Daffodils do much better – they don’t multiply (not cold enough, I think), but they keep coming back for many years. Reminds me that I need to plant more daffodils – I bought the bulbs, just need to plant them

    Comment by Katherine | October 14, 2008 | Reply

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