It’s Not All Mary Poppins

One-word meme

From KathyHowe at Kazoofus.

The plan – Answer each question with a one word answer. The plan according to KathyHowe, which I am also adopting – put smart-ass comments in parentheses.

1. Where is your cell phone? Pocket (Because I love the thrill I get when it vibrates.)

2. Where is your husband? Negotiating (He does it for a living. Do I stand a chance?)

3. Where is your mother? Bed (If it is past my bedtime it is surely beyond hers.) (That was Kathy’s response; I totally stole it, because it’s totally true.)

4. Where is your father? Unknown. (All things about my father are unknown to me, including his name… I was my 21-year-old mother’s “oops”. She loves me, anyway.)

5. What is your hair color? Unknown. (The name of the goop I put on my hair is “Natural Medium Golden Brown”. I figure, if it comes in a box, there’s nothing “natural” about it.)

6 Your favorite thing? Multitudinous. (I can’t possibly pick one, and it varies from day to day, nay, from moment to moment.)

7. What did you dream last night? Erotic. (And that’s all the detail you’re getting on this family-friendly blog.)

8. What’s your goal? Non-impecuneity. (Yes, I made that up. Figure it out.)

9. What room are you in? Dining. (Aka, the “blogging room”. It should be, anyway: far more time spent blogging than dining in this room.)

10. What’s your hobby? Blogging. (What could possibly be more obvious?)

11. What’s your biggest fear? Aging. (Not for vanity’s sake. I fear the dependence that comes with frailty.)

12. Where will you be in 6 years? Retired. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA….)

13. Where were you last night? Pinting. (Well, YOU tell me one word for “out for a pint”.)

14. What you’re not? Patient. (No, I am NOT. Shuddup.)

15. What’s one of your wish-list items? Wealth. (That one would take care of most of the others.)

16. Where you grew up? Hamlet (Not the Prince of Denmark; a teeny little spot even smaller than a village.)

17. What’s the last thing you did? Yawned (Isn’t this just SO exciting??)

18. What are you wearing? Sweater. (And a few other things. It’s the most obvious. Jeans being the second most.)

19. Your TV? Not. (I think we still own one, up in the attic. I never watch it, so I’m not sure it still works.)

20. Your pet? Dog. (But you all know that. She’s wonderful.)

21. Your computer? Old. (Beloved, but old. Any and all contributions to my New Laptop Fund gratefully accepted.)

22. Your mood? Tired. (Yeah, I know. That’s not a mood. I’m too tired to think about how I’m feeling right now.)

23. Missing someone? Nope. (Can’t think of a single smart-ass thing to say here.)

24. Your car? Non-existent. (I am so happy to be green.)

25. What are you not wearing? BlackPearls. (I would like to have the option of wearing some, but, sadly, I do not.)

26. What’s your favorite store? 10,000Villages (This is silly. You have to choose a one-word store?)

27. Your summer? Relaxing. (For me, this is noteworthy. Summers usually EXHAUST me.)

28. Love someone? YES. (And am loved in return. Doesn’t get much better.)

29. Your favorite color? Green (Any shade but puke green chartreuse.)

30. When was the last time you laughed? T-8 (Okay, so that’s backwards. How else to say “eight minutes ago” in one word?)

31. Cried? Yes. (Sneezed, breathed, laughed, and farted, too. In my life, I mean. Not all at the same time. If I did all those at the same time, I’d have to add “peed” to the list…)

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