It’s Not All Mary Poppins

What she said.

backwardsshoes“You’ve got that on the wrong foot, lovie. Put it on the other foot.”

(Why is it, that with only two choices they get it wrong way more than 50% of the time? Because you know they do.)

He moves it from one foot to the other.
“THIS foot?”


Emma snorts from behind me. “You only have two feet, braniac. Which other foot do you think it’s going to be?” Her tone is not harsh, but the sarcasm is crystal clear.

I chide her gently. Sarcasm with the toddlers is forbidden — it’s unfair, because while they know they’re being mocked, they don’t understand how and can’t defend themselves; it confuses and offends; and at bottom, it’s simply disrespectful.

(In fact, there’s no sarcasm allowed in this house at all, and she knows it. Yes. A house with multiple teens that rarely, if ever, sees cutting sarcasm in use — at least between adult and teen. What they do amongst themselves for their own entertainment is their own business.)

(I loathe sarcasm; I love irony. There is a difference.)

So I chide her, but only gently. Because in all honesty? Sometimes it’s nice to have a teen around to say the thing you’re thinking, but won’t allow yourself to say.

And she knows that, too.

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