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Unconscious Mutterings: Free association meme

freudScooped from LunaNina. It’s super simple. Luna Nina posts a list each Saturday, and you respond with the first thing that pops into your head. Free association has been used for ages by some psychoanalysts, so if any of you fancy yourself an amateur analyst, feel free to make of my psyche what you will…

  1. In love: Stephen
  2. Be my guest: Mrs. Potts
  3. Number one: I’m
  4. Swallowed whole: whale
  5. 50 percent: half
  6. Made in: China
  7. Supplement: vitamins
  8. Right for: all time
  9. Endless: love
  10. Ceramic: tiles

Huh. My analysis of my psyche says that it’s … predictable!

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