It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Christmas is coming

882762_disco_overdose…you can tell by the conversation around here.

Timmy, on looking at the creche on the mantlepiece:
“God lives at Mary’s house!”

Anna to Emily:
“I’m going to be an angel for Christmas!”

Emily beams and points to a (deliberately unbreakable) ball on the tree:
“Indie was eating this, and I put it back on the tree.” Her face breaks out into joy and she does a small skip of purest delight. “I’m a helpful girl!”

Anna, exuding joy, races toward her dad as he’s about to leave after morning drop-off. She has something pink and sparkly in her hand. “Oh, wait, daddy! You forgot THIS!”

Mary spins on her heel, whisks the thing out of Anna’s hand, and hides it. Fast.

“Yes, but not now, Anna!”

Daddy chortles and leaves. I pick the pieces of Anna from off the floor, put her back together with a snuggle, an explanation, and a distraction: “We have to WRAP it, honey!” She resumes her natural state: chirpy delightfulness.

Joy, anticipation, tears, confusion, and general mayhem. Christmas with toddlers: Such fun!

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  1. Laurel (almost three), pure delight right now at her excitement. She’s a reindeer one minute, and an elf the next. Ian (four and a half), I’m not sure what’s going on. He’s delightful/overly helpful one minute, the next he’s pushing other kids down and yells hurtful things. Is he testing the naughty/nice aspect of Santa?

    Who knows? I’d say it’s each of them responding to the excitement and stress (excitement is stress, after all, not all ‘stress’ being negative) of Christmas according to their own temperaments. The two things that I find help significantly with the negative expressions of excitement are adequate sleep (which I’m sure you do), and lots of exercise. Long walks, rowdly outdoor games.

    Comment by mamacita tina | December 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’m always torn between letting them participate in gift giving and not wanting them to tell secrets. At the moment there is a package under the tree that Bug’s teacher said was for Mama and Daddy but Bug has no clue what might be in it!

    Oh, I have a solution to that! A devious one. (Typically so, say those who know me best.) You create something with them, and you — ready for this? — you give them the wrong name for it!

    Comment by Jill in Atlanta | December 19, 2008 | Reply

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