It’s Not All Mary Poppins

No, I’m not dead…

Nor even sick. Nor have I decided to give up blogging. (I did manage a Mid-Century Modern Moms post.)

I’ve just been busy. Busy hibernating. Busy nesting. I’ve been cooking, and organizing, cleaning, de-cluttering, and planning. (My herb seeds arrived!) I’ve been reading, and playing games with my kids, and taking the dog (gawdhelpme) for -25C walks.

Mid-winter nesting. It’s like being pregnant, only without the morning sickness, the backache, and the belly!

But I promise to try to do better this week. Which is not to say I’ll post FOR SURE, EVERY DAY, but that at least I’ll try. Last week, I didn’t try at all.

And it was lovely. Happy Monday!

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