It’s Not All Mary Poppins

He says, she says


“Hello, Noah. How are you this morning?”


The husband comes downstairs.


“Hi, there, little guy.”


Anna is dropped off.


“Hi, Baby Noah! I got my pink snowpants on because my black ones got all dirty in the park last night. Now I have pink snowpants on, and my boots have pink and black, too. See my pink snowpants, Baby Noah? You have black snowpants llike my other ones, but today I am wearing pink snowpants.”


The dog wanders by.

“Hi! Dah! Hi! Dah! Dah!”

Emily is dropped off.


“Hi, Baby Noah. Mary, are we going to do a craft today? I didn’t do a craft yesterday and I got sad last night because I wanted to do a craft, and daddy said to ask if maybe we would do a craft today. Maybe we could use the magazines and the glue sticks again today, so I could make a craft when I didn’t make one the other day?”

Timmy is dropped off.


“Hi, Baby Noah. Mary, I gots a truck, and I can share it.”

The husband starts to put his boots on.

“Hi! Hi!”

“Hello, Noah.”


“I did that already, buddy.”

Remember this stage?” I grin at him.

“Oh, yeah. When you only have three words in your vocabulary, you have to work them hard. Some kids are like that.”

“The b–”

“Whereas the girr-uls,” my sweetie intones, his voice comicly rueful, “they get their words in flurries.”

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  1. My boys composed dictionaries first. They’d learn a new word, use it for a few days and then file it away. Next word, another few days. Finally a year later they must have begun to read their little dictionaries or something because suddenly they began to use all the words in paragraphs.

    Are the photos you’ve been showing recently the real children? I thought you kept them anonymous, but you’ve had some pics lately I haven’t been sure of.

    The pictures are from Stock XChange. If you click on the pictures, they’ll take you to the original (free for non-commercial use) photos. I have no idea who those kids are, but they’re cute!

    Comment by Jill in Atlanta | January 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. Your hubby is hilarious 🙂 Baby Noah and his “hi!” sounds like such a giggle, but I bet it gets wearing after a while…

    I needed a funny story today too. I’ve just booked the Manling into childcare. My pathetic mummy heart is breaking. But we visited them this morning and they seem to be a nice centre, lots of cuddles and encouragement and healthy attitudes.

    Comment by Merrilee Faber | January 28, 2009 | Reply

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