It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Emily stands in the kitchen, lower lip juuust about touching her chin, the tears rolling down round cheeks.

“Emily, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t want the puppy ‘in a miiiiiiinute’!”

Emily wanted the stuffed toy in Anna’s hands. Anna had very cheerfully told her she could have it ‘in a minute’. NOT good enough!

But what’s gotten into Emily? Calm, steady, preternaturally-reasonable Emily? Emily the fabulous sharer? Emily the empath?

Well, today is her first day back from a day off with a tummy bug. She’s not her normal self yet.

And the response? A soothing cuddle? Well, yes… But just because you’re not feeling well…

“Emily, come sit on my knee.” I scoop her up and cuddle her. “I think you’re tired, hon. You’re tired, and you don’t feel like waiting. But you know how it works. You can have a turn in a minute, when Anna’s ready to share, or you don’t get a turn at all. That’s how it works.” Calmly, comfortably, not accusing or harsh. That’s just how our (secure, predictable, safe) world works. And then, quickly, before her tears are accompanied by wails, “Let’s read a book. Which book do you like? The Hat, or Bonnie’s Big Day?”

“Bonnie’s Big Day.”

“We’ll read that then, and when we’re done,” — meaningful glance cast at Anna — “I’m sure Anna will be ready to share the puppy.”

And we enjoyed our book, and Anna shared, and all was well with the world.

February 25, 2009 Posted by | Emily, health and safety, manners, socializing | 2 Comments