It’s Not All Mary Poppins

He’s not lyrical, but…

balletThe luscious, gracious strains of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty waft through my living room.

The children dance.

Noah and Tyler jump, cavort and giggle. The concept of “beat” is a bit beyond them, but they’re loving the music in their own ways.

“I’m a fairy!” Anna exclaims, sweeping her arms from side so side in front of her. Gracious, smooth swoops in response to the gracious, swooping music.

“I’m a princess!” Emily extends her arms and swirls them through the air. Gracious (mostly) smooth twirls in response to the gracious, swirling music.

“I’m dancing like A AIRPLANE!” Timmy bellows.


But yes. Timmy stands carefully on one leg, then leans forward, extends his arms straight out from his sides, and lifts one leg a few precarious centimetres off the ground behind him. A wobbling, precarious, ungainly, but undeniable… arabesque.

Guess which one has actually watched a ballet?

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