It’s Not All Mary Poppins

I hereby resolve: March Edition

Remember my New Year’s Resolution? I was going to post one change each month that I was going to implement to make my impact on the planet just a little lighter.

I had one all planned for this month. Since it involved an actual PURCHASE, I’d done my research. I’d looked at various types of the product, the pros and cons of each, the prospective price range. I’d chosen one, I’d found my source, and then, because I’m a walker/bus rider now, not a driver, I called ahead to make sure of my price and its availability.

Good thing.

Because what I’m after, see, is deemed a seasonal item, and won’t be available until… well, they weren’t sure when. But it sure wasn’t available in winter.

So much for that idea. It’s still on the agenda, it’s just not going to be this month’s item. I have yet another idea, but that, too, is seasonal, in that I need the snow to be gone.

I thought I was two months ahead. HA. Instead, I was floundering for this month’s idea. Floundering, that is, until I followed Zayna’s ping-back.

I am totally stealing her idea. Starting this month, I am going to stop using toxic cleaning products where possible, and less-toxic products where some degree of toxicity is unavoidable. (Cleaning the oven springs to mind…)

To that end, meet my friends: Baking Soda and Vinegar.
They are the core of my Clean Cleaning products. I already use vinegar and newspaper to clean my windows, just the way my grandmother taught me. In the past I’ve used baking soda, salt, and vinegar with a boiling water chaser to keep my drains running freely, but I’d lost the habit. Don’t know why.

So this month: Green Cleaning.

How about you?

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