It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Wearing thin

Sometimes I don’t post for a few days at a stretch. (I’m telling you this because I don’t necessarily assume you would otherwise notice.)

It is because we have a dog now. We have a dog who needs two hour-long walks a day. (Sometimes she gets one or two more shorter ones.) I do the evening hour-long walk; the Husband does the morning.

He does the morning when he’s not travelling, that is. Now, he doesn’t travel a lot, but he is out of town for a few days every month, and on those days, I do all the dog-walking. (Yes, I have children. Children who are old enough to walk the dog. Their efforts at dog-walking are so half-assedhearted that I can’t bear to let the dog suffer so.)

Besides, while I can’t say I enjoy trudging into the early-morning minus-27C-with-windchill (YES! STILL!) I don’t mind walking the dog. She takes such joy in the outing, leaping and bounding and shoving her nose into snowbanks and throwing herself bodily to the ground, to writhe in bliss with all four paws in the air.

Joy unbounded, she is. And that is pure pleasure to be part of. Even in minus-27C-with-windchill.

But the morning walks are when I’d normally be sitting here at my laptop. So that’s what happened on Monday, and it’s what’s happening today. Because, hey, I know when I’m cheating. I’m throwing words on the screen, but this is not a real post.

Because I was walking the dog.


(But isn’t she cuuute?)

March 4, 2009 Posted by | the dog | 7 Comments