It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Weirdness, overheard

“Zoom! Zoom, zoom, zoom! I’m a flying pig!!”
(When pigs fly you are, little man… Huh. Guess he’s solved that problem right here and now, hasn’t he?)

Anna, standing over Emily, who sits on the potty, bursts into applause.
“Timmy! Timmy! You gotta come see Emily’s purple underpants!”

“I want to make an angel.”
“All right. What will you need to make an angel?”
“Cotton balls and popsicle sticks, I think. And that.”
Points to onion-skin on the kitchen floor by garbage pail.

“You be the mommy and go to work.”
“Okay, and I will be your little girl.”
“Yes, and when I get home, you will say, ‘Hello, mommy, did you have a nice day?'”
“Yes, and I will say, ‘Yes, sweetie, I did, and here are some nice garbage bags, just for you.'”

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