It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Would you rather be serious or be funny?
Funny. But not fatuous. There is a time to be serious, but humour is the great leavener of life.

Whole or skim milk?
2% (I use whole to make yoghurt; I put 2% in my tea. I don’t drink much milk.)

Are you simple or complicated?

A friend recently asked me to do some door-to-door canvassing for a Worthy Cause. I turned him down, saying “I hate doing that stuff. I’m shy.” He just about dropped the phone. “YOU? Shy??” My husband’s comment: “He’s just discovered one of the paradoxes that is Mary.” 🙂

Grey or gray?
Grey. I’m Canadian.

Color or black & white photos?
Doesn’t matter, but if I had to choose… Um…
I’ll get back to you on this, ‘k?

Lust or love?
Love. Lust is fun, but loves carries you.

Sunrise or sunset?

M&Ms or Skittles?
Smarties, no contest.

(For you Americans, your ‘Smarties’ are our ‘Rockets’. Our Smarties are much like M&Ms, a bit smaller, but with way better chocolate inside. Mmmmmm…. Now, the husband? He loves peanut M&M’s. Me, I’m a Smartie girl.)

Rap or rock?

Staying up late or waking up early?
Waking up early. In the winter, it’s 5 or 5:30. In the summer, 6:00ish. Seven-thirty is ‘sleeping in’ for me.

TV or radio?
Radio. No hesitation. Loves me my CBC.

Eating apples or oranges?
I would have answered oranges until this last year, but I’m increasingly hating the chore of peeling an orange, while enjoying discovering the huge varieties of apples. (I loathe ‘delicious’ apples, singularly badly named, but I’ve enjoyed all the others I’ve tried.)

Being hot or cold?
I think I’ve whined before about how I hate extremes of temperatures. (Pointless griping given where I live, I know.) But, if I must choose, I’d have to say cold. (I KNOW. I hate cold. HATE it.) But, if it’s cold, you can layer up. If it’s too hot? You can get to naked, and then you’re stuck.

Sun or moon?
The moon is pretty but I need sunshine or I get depressed.

Emeralds or rubies?
Emeralds. Green is my favourite colour. But if anyone wanted to shower me with rubies, I would not be fighting them off.

Having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?
Oh, tough one. I’ve always been the “best friend” kind of person, but there’s been a dearth of best friends in my life for the last couple of years and, I confess, I grow lonely. So maybe acquaintances is the solution?

Nah. I don’t think so. I have acquaintances, and I’m still missing the best friend in my life. (For those of you thinking the obvious: Yes, my husband is my best friend, and not in the goopy pink-puffy-heart way a lot of women do, claiming he’s their best friend because they think he should be, but not sharing everything with him/being disappointed by his reaction to emotional stuff/telling their girlfriends far more/making excuses for his BFF short-comings. He really is. But I miss a best female friend.)

Sun or rain?
Sun. Without sun, I get depressed. I think I said that.

Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?

Green beans or carrots?
Green beans

Low fat or fat free?
Low fat.

What is your biggest fear in the world?
Something tragic happening to one of my kids.

Kids or no kids?
Kids. Obviously.

Cat or dog?

Mustard or ketchup?
Mustard. In my family, ketchup was for children, to be outgrown, like you outgrow the taste for sticky-sweetness. I’ll still use it on fries, the rare occasions I have them, but mustard is for grown-ups. Yum.

Hard cover books or soft cover books?
I love hard, but they’re expensive and take up more valuable shelf space. I own far more soft-covers.

Newspaper or magazine?

Sandals or sneakers?
Sandals! I wear nothing but from June (May, if it’s warm enough) through August (and into September, if I can). Comes of having spent every single childhood summer barefoot all summer long.

Red car or white car?
Red. White is bland. (Not, as you know, that I own a car. Our last one was green. Dark, dark green.)

Happy & poor or sad & rich?
Sad and rich. I suspect the person who’d ask this question has never been really poor. Poor grinds you down. It’s hard to be ‘happy and poor’. That’s a romantic notion without much connection to reality. If I’m rich, I have options and choices that I simply don’t have if I’m poor. That would do a lot to ameliorate any sadness. Besides, who isn’t sad, some of the time? Why not have lots of money to cushion the blow?

Singing or dancing?
Oh, hard one. When I dance, I usually sing along. When I sing, I often dance. But overall, I sing more than I dance. So, sing.

Hugging or kissing?
Hugging. So cozy.

Happy or sad?
Happy. (But sad and rich.)

Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake?
Who has candles after 21 at the latest?

I want to live …
a life free of financial anxiety. (See “sad and rich”, above.)

2 doors or 4 (on a car)?
I absolutely don’t care.

Coffee or ice cream?
Coffee. Ice cream is too sweet. When I do eat something sweet, a nice cup of coffee is the best thing to balance the sweetness. (Mostly, I drink tea.)

Bridges or tunnels?
Bridges. I’m claustrophobic.

One pillow or two?
One. I got a lovely goosedown pillow for Christmas. I looooove it.

Favorite toothpaste?
Tom’s of Maine, peppermint. (Spearmint? The one with the turquoise edging, not the green.)

Favorite style of food?
Currently? Thai. But I love anything spicy.

Favorite alcoholic drink?
I don’t drink a lot, and my tastes vary depending on my mood.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Plain old orange pekoe tea. Milk, no sugar.

What I did last night:
Had friends over for dinner. (Black bean soup and cornbread to start; mole beef; roasted winter vegetables, and the guests brought a pecan pie for dessert.)

I love:
Oh, where to start? My husband, my kids, assorted family, my dog. Then there’s the second-rank of ‘love’, and I could put endless things into that: sunrises, baby laughter, marzipan, long slow foreplay, walks by the river, the sound of leaves under my feet in the fall, the smell of coffee, peacefulness…

I hate:
Knee-jerk cynicism pretending to be wisdom. That’s just lazy thinking.

Current clothes:
Jeans, brown ribbed turtleneck, my down-filled slippers and a blue zipped cardigan, unzipped.

Current mood:

Current music playing:
None. It’s early in the morning.

Current Hair:
In need of a trim. Shoulder length, bangs, but getting scruffy.

Current annoyance:
Nothing springs immediately to mind, and why would I want to work hard to think about something to be annoyed about? (See “peaceful”, above.)

Current smell:
“Pear and Peony” hand cream from Fruits and Passion. It was a birthday present from my youngest.

Current thing I should be doing:
Hanging the laundry.

Current desktop picture:
Me and my sweetie on our honeymoon.

Current favorite music:
Listening to Mozart these days. Piano concertos.

Current book:
Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear, by Dan Gardner.

Current movie in or near the DVD player:
No idea.

Current refreshment:
I am about to make myself my first cup of tea of the day. Ahhhhh…

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