It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Definition: Non Sequitur

“Come on in, guys, it’s time for lunch.”
“Yeah, because you don’t have a television.”

“What a nice tower you built, Emily!”
“Yeah, because I am building a fire truck.”

“I think maybe we will go to the library today.”
“Yeah, because my cousin has a new blue hockey stick.”

“Have you noticed how your child is using ‘because’ as a sort of introductory conjuntion to whatever happens to be running through that little head at that moment?”

“That’s happening here, too, huh?”

“Yup. I have to confess, I’m finding it a little disorienting. Even though I know better, the first split-second I’m looking for the connection that isn’t there. It throws me, every time.”

“Yes, but it’s endearing, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes. Such a funny little monkey.”

(I am so kind. And I’m trying to see it as endearing. Really.)

“Who wants more snack?”
“Yeah, because there’s an airplane out there.”

ohfortheloveofallthatsholy what does an airplane have to do with your freakin’ SNACK???

deep breath
deep breath
deep breath

Endearing. Yeah. That’s it.

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