It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Denying reality is too a coping mechanism!

It’s snowing.

If this were January, I’d be thrilled with today’s weather. It’s above freezing (by one whopping degree but above, nonetheless), and the snow that is falling is more accurately some sort of slushy glop. Not quite rain, but not exactly snow, either.

Spitballs from heaven.

Still, in January, this would be unbelievably mild weather. Warm enough for rain boots and heavy sweaters under rain coats! Amazing! “Let’s go out and play, kids! It’s a BEAUTIFUL day!!!”

But it is not January. Nor February. Nor even March. It is [expletive deleted] April, and, even though I KNOW I have yet to experience a spring in Ottawa that did not involve at least one snowfall sometime in the first two weeks of April…

I am SICK of it.

And I’m not going out in it. Not, not, not. You can’t make me. I’m not even looking out the damned window if I don’t have to. You can’t make me do that, either. And judging from the looks of this…


I won’t be looking out for the rest of the week. BooooOoOOoo…

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