It’s Not All Mary Poppins

And the winner is…

ribbonOh, you were all so helpful! These were fun to read.

Some were very cute, but, like the Elfin and Sprite which I considered and rejected, not “people names”. It’s an honourable blogger tradition, naming your children non-names (and it’s cute!), but since I’ve always given the kids real names for their pseudonyms, that’s what I wanted for this one. (Otherwise “Pixie” would have been a strong contender.)

Some brought back memories, and with them, associations. “Esme” (pronounced, if you’re not familiar with it, as “Ez-may”, short ‘e’) is a loving, gracious woman in my mind. “Inga”, though a lovely name, is, unfortunately, a sweet and gentle but unhappy, down-trodden woman.

Pippi was popular amongst you guys; having read and enjoyed a few Pippi Longstocking books as a child, I gave that serious consideration.

Elfa, Britt, Lene, Thora, Marit, Aina, Eleanor, Annika, and all those other lovely names… So many good choices! (One of you even chose her actual name. Heehee.)

But in the end…

drumroll please…

The new baby is hereby Nissa.

I like the sound of it (I’m thinking it’s pronounced “Nee-sa”, but even if it’s “Niss-a”, it’s still pretty), and I’m loving the meaning. “Friendly elf.” Yes, indeed.

Thank you, Kiera!

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