It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

thermometer1Tyler was absent last week with a fever.
A fever which turned out to be…


Cue the sinister music.

The usual progression? Mild upper respiratory infection (aka something that looks a whole lot like a “cold”), followed by/accompanied with intermittent fever (sometimes quite high) for up to a week, followed by a spotty rash over the face and trunk. Nothing much you can do for it except treat the fever (tepid baths, acetaminophen) and give them lots to drink. They’ll probably sleep a lot, too as their bodies fight it off.

Nissa has a cold. (Or is that a “cold”?)
Nissa’s mum, poor thing, sounds like death warmed over. Ever notice how the mommies get the Bug, Virulent Extreme Version, while babies get Bug Lite? (That’s breast-feeding for you!)

Emily was absent two days last week.
Fever, no rash, no “cold”.

Today, after a perfectly normal day, Anna, who has the sniffles today (or is that a “cold”?) woke from her nap, wolfed down her snack, but when I put out the craft she painted one egg-carton tulip and then asked if she could please just go lie down?

Fever. She won’t be back tomorrow. (My policy: must be fever-free for 24 hours before they can return. Fevers too often mean “contagious”.)

I’m waiting for another of these “just-a-colds” to develop the fever, and a “just-a-fever” to develop the rash. So far, we have one isolated case of roseola.

An isolated case? Of roseola??? Anyone out there have any idea how rare that is?

Anna, poor Anna… she’s got two out of three…

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