It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Ennui. When you know there are things you could be doing, and you just can’t summon up the energy. When you know there are things you should be doing, and you just don’t care. When you know there are things to worry about, worries that should spur you into action, and you can’t even manage to worry much.

That’s where I’ve been, for about a month, forcing myself to go through the motions, because the motions needed to be done. Bleah. So last week, I decided that, for a week, I’d just go with it, give myself a week off from doing anything other than barest of essentials. And no, blogging is not among the “barest of essentials”.

I could have told you I was doing that… but I was too deep in that whole ennui thing to do it.

It must have worked, though, because on Friday I had enough pep to take the kids to the National Gallery!!! Scarcely a “barest of essential” sort of outing.

We had a good time.

gallery 008

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