It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Little girl-ness


Sussex Drive. Downtown Ottawa. Very pretty (except for that plug-ugly American embassy brooding over the environs, blocking the formerly lovely view of the Market from Major’s Hill Park, AND taking up HALF the damned street besides), very tourist-y, nicely artsy.

The kids have been full of lookits the whole trip. The bus! The tractor! The geese! The tall building! The Peace Tower! The mountie!

And now? Now Anna’s little girly, frou-frou, bling queen heart is overflowing.

“Oh, MARY!” Her breath is a sigh. “Lookit that beeeeyoutiful dress!”

She doesn’t know it’s a wedding dress. She’s not dreaming of her future groom, nor even that breathless Walk up the Aisle. It’s just a dress, but so… beeeeeeyoutiful…

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