It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Someone has a smart mommy

bananas“I don’t like this banana now.” Anna wrinkles her nose at the brown bit toward the bottom. “I’m done.”

Now, I’m not going to let her get away with that, but before I can draw breath, Emily interjects.

“You has to eat that part, Anna! It’s the candy part!”

“Candy?” Anna is dubious but intrigued. Candy is good…

“Yeah. The parts that are brown are sticky and sweet like candy!”

The banana disappears in two bites.

“Yum!” Anna declares. “Banana candy!” Gales of toddler-giggles.

“Banana candy?!?!” Emily loves it.

“Banana-candy!” gigglegigglegigglegiggleSHRIEKgigglegigglegiggle

“Hey, Mary! Can we have some more banana candy???”


May 20, 2009 Posted by | Anna, Emily, food | 2 Comments