It’s Not All Mary Poppins

I think he might train early…

Noah, he of One Word Utterances, looks up at me.


“You have a poop in your diaper?”

“Aye.” (Really. He says ‘aye’ for ‘yes’. His parents and I have decided he’s channelling a Scotsman. Either that, or he was Robert the Bruce in a former life.)

And he runs away. Except… he’s not running away. He’s running to our change area. No, I don’t have a changing table. I have a nice diaper shelf which doubles as an end table. The tots are changed on the floor close to the diaper shelves.

He bombs over to the shelves and takes a diaper, one of his diapers, from his section of the shelf, and lies down on his back. When I catch up with him, he hands the diaper to me.

“Nie-puh.” …”Poopoo.”

“You want me to put that clean diaper on you?”


He’ll be two in a couple of months. I’ve been faked out before, but I’m hoping I see early training in his near future…

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