It’s Not All Mary Poppins

kinda fun

Out of all the nanny blogs on all the servers in all the internet, they picked mine. (And two others.) I think that’s kind of cool… even though I’m not a nanny.

And a free package of Smarties to the first person to leave a comment correctly identifying the star who famously uttered the quote I was butchering paraphrasing in that first sentence.


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Things you never expected to hear yourself saying

Part 184 654…

handTyler approaches, his arm extended, thumb and forefinger delicately pinched. His enormous blue eyes are round with sincerity as he presses his gift upon me.

I’m used to this. Tyler gives me all manner of beauteous things: flowers, trinkets, food… all of them presented like this, all of them formless and void.

I hold out my hand. What is it this time? Ice cream? A crown? Birthday cake? A puppy? A fire truck? He’s so sweet, Tyler.

Something lands in my palm.

Something very small, essentially weightless, mostly dry and pale, with a darker, damper streak at one end. Small and virtually weightless, but quite real. At the second I realize what what distinctively unbeauteous thing lies in my palm, before I flip my wrist and send it — this was probably a mistake — flying to land godknowswhere, I proclaim yet Another Rule of Civilized Living:

“DON’T give me your boogers! I don’t want them! Nobody wants somebody else’s boogers!”

And then I wash my hands.

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