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Name those children, again

hello-my-name-isI haven’t told you yet, but those interviews I had a while back were successful!

I have two little boys coming these days, brothers, who will be with me only until the end of December. After the Christmas break I will get another little girl. So that’s that. When the little girl starts in January, I should be set for another year.

The brothers are fun. The younger is a year old, and I have yet to see a more painless transition to daycare. Barely a backward glance, and not a single tear, this boy has plunged himself headlong into the fray. And when he plunges anywhere, you’d best give way. This boy is a TANK. “Solid” does not begin to describe it. Not fat. He’s a normal height-to-weight baby. But hoo, boy, this child is DENSE. Built like a brick shi*thouse, to use one of my grandfather’s earthy colloquialisms.

Evidently Little Brother got all the “solid” genes, because Big Brother is a red-headed, blue-eyed willowy wisp of a boy. Both boys are friendly little guys, but whereas Little Brother charges into his day without a backward glance, you can see the strain of the change on Big Brother.

Not that he complains, mind you. Once in a while, though, he finds a quite place to stand, all by himself, and his eyes get red-rimmed and a bit watery. Not that he cries. He doesn’t. Mommy and Daddy have assured him that he will have fun, and that they expect him to try to get along and to be brave. And he is. Not one real tear has ever overflowed those red-rimmed eyes.

Doesn’t that break your heart, just a little? It makes mine go a little wobbly. What a great little guy! The flip side is that he’s very gregarious. He doesn’t moon around, stoic and soulful all day. Those are passing moment. Mostly, we have stuff like this:

“Want to play this card game with me?” he invites Emily. On his second day with me. His second day of daycare in his whole, entire life. “You can have these cards, and I will have these ones.” (And the piles, I might add, are pretty much equal.) When Emily is uncertain, he crouches in front of her and smiles. “Come on! It’ll be FUN!!”

And then my heart goes all wobbly again. This is bravery, no question about it. It deserves Emily’s enthusiastic acceptance, but Emily is uncertain, inclined, I can tell, to say ‘no’.

Gah! Rejected? When he’s being SO BRAVE, on his second day here? Can’t happen! Normally the type to stand back and watch these situations, I’m not leaving this one up to fate…

“Oh, yes! That sounds like a LOT of fun, doesn’t it, Emily?” I’m just SOOOO HAPPY that BB thought of such a WONDERFUL game, Emily simply can’t imagine saying no. Her face breaks into a smile. (Ah, the power of emotional manipulation guidance.)

She agrees, and they had fun. Phew.

I would have played with them, too, just to keep things moving smoothly, but I’m too busy keeping Little Brother from climbing onto the dining room table. Or into his high chair. Or up the stair railings. Or along the back of the couch. Or onto the kitchen counter. Or…

Nissa is “busy”. Little Brother is a Climber. (Your prayers, kind thoughts, good vibes, whatever, would be appreciated…)

So. Two new little boys, Mr. Brave and Willing 4-year-old and Baby Brother, the Climber.

Any suggestions for names?

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