It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Succulent Identification Assistance

… would be greatly appreciated. Anyone have any idea what this might be?


It was something Emma picked up at the grocery store, then abandoned. I’ve repotted it, and it seems happier. I think… is this what a happy succulent looks like? Shoud I be worried about those white bits on the ends of some of the stalks?


It doesn’t need much attention. (Good thing, because that’s how much it gets.) I rather like its unassuming self.

But what is it?

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The mouths of babes are brutal things

bedheadTyler’s copious fine blond hair is a tumultous mess.

“Wow,” I say, trying to tame this raging bedhead, “Your hair sure is crazy today.”

Big Sister Emily hovers nearby. Her face breaks into a beaming smile.

“Yeah. Cuh-way-zy hair! Just like YOURS, Mary!”

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