It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Scapegoat, er, doll

dolly“Okay, sweetie. You can get up now.”

At four, Emily does not need a nap every day, but she’s not quite ready to give them up entirely. Our system, then, is a required 20 minutes of lying quietly. And I do mean quiet: no tossing and turning and kicking and singing and whispering and playing with her fingers. Twenty minutes of stillness.

Twenty minutes of utter boredom, too, poor kid, but without the stillness, a child can easily keep themselves awake for 20 minutes, even if genuinely tired.

However, today’s quite obviously an awake day.

“You’ve been nice and quiet, but today you don’t need a nap.”

“No, I couldn’t sleep. Lucy was just being so noisy.”

Lucy? Noisy? Now, call me crazy, but Emily had been lying on the other end of the very couch where I’d just been reading for 20 minutes. Reading and blissing out on the silence. Either she’s been sleeping or I’ve been hallucinating silence. Or something.

“Who’s Lucy?”

“My doll.”

Doll? I don’t recall any dolls.

“Where is she?”

“At my house. But she’s so noisy, I can’t sleep.”

“You can hear her all the way from here?”

“Yes, and at night she’s so noisy she wakes me up, and I have to go sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed for a while to until she behaves herself again.”


“Yes, she’s a bad doll, but I love her anyway.”

Well, of course. Bad Lucy gets Emily out of naps and into mummy and daddy’s bed — blamelessly!! What’s not to love?

I love four-year-olds.


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  1. I love four years old too. They are teetering on the edge of believing their own “stories” and knowing they are story telling.

    It’s too cute. 🙂

    Comment by Zayna | October 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. They’re so funny. At our house the culprit is Grr ( a two foot long striped tiger). Sometimes he just needs to rawr :)(as tigers will). Luckily a time out or being forced to sit in the front seat of the car generally does the trick.

    It is so entertaining to watch his imagination grow and expand. I love the stories that come home from school and all the things that Grr does.

    Comment by Dani | October 16, 2009 | Reply

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