It’s Not All Mary Poppins

This week’s menu

Why am I sharing this week’s menu with you? I dunno. Because today cooking interests me more than toddlers, I think. Some days are like that — but it’s all good, because just LOOK at what those lucky little so-and-so’s get to eat:

Black bean felafels in whole-wheat pita halves with beet-green salad.

Home-made bruschetta on Italian bread and cubes of cheddar cheese.

Tofu on rice. I cut the tofu into sticks and fry till crispy on the outside. They dip it in veggie dip, along with cooked carrot sticks. Kids will eat ANYTHING if they can dip it.

Spinach-sunflower seed pilaf with chicken. (Real chicken. We do not do pre-made, ultra high-fat and -sodium chicken fingers in this house.)

Winter vegetable soup and home-made cheese biscuits.

There is a possibility that they might also get to taste some roasted garlic soup on Wednesday, if there are leftovers from Tuesday night’s dinner (which I doubt). Similarly the lentil-beet salad.


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