It’s Not All Mary Poppins


1208847_girl_with_a_sour_face“Are you working on Remembrance Day?”
“Yes, I am.”

If you have the day off, but opt to send your child to childcare, your caregiver will not resent that. Every parent deserves the luxury of the odd kid-free day.

“Oh, that’s great! My wife was hoping for a day off.”

But you know, it would be sensitive and, you know, tactful not to go on and on and ON about it.

“I’m just so happy about tomorrow! I have so many things planned! So much I’m going to get done! It’s so great to have hours of peace and quiet!”

Because, though she understands your excitement, the fact that you have the day off means that your caregiver (ahem) doesn’t, and it would be a kindness not to gloat too openly.

“Hello, sweetie! Mummy’s here! …Oh, am I the last parent?”
“Yes. Actually, you’re ten minutes late.”

And, when you take that glorious day off? The one that your caregiver, through her dedication and professionalism, is enabling you to enjoy?

Show up on time.

November 12, 2009 Posted by | daycare, parents, Peeve me, the dark side | 5 Comments