It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Picky eaters don’t fade away…

they just grow up and get rude…

Remember how I advised you to deal with the pickiness now, before it becomes a life-long habit?

It seems that, along with those words of wisdom, I should also address the issue of older children who believe that everyone should cater to their dietary whims as mommy does. Because those older children become teens who become adults — who still hold to this ridiculous notion. You are not just creating picky eaters, you are creating Dinner Guests from Hell.

Follow that link! The article is acerbic, fun, and her conclusion — I expect you to eat what you can, ignore the rest and not make trouble — absolutely bang on. If all those picky adults’ parents had followed her advice (and mine!) years ago, we none of us would be facing these dilemmas today.

Won’t eat dark meat… good lord.

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