It’s Not All Mary Poppins


…is here. After hesitating throughout November, appearing in the forecasts, only to retreat coyly when the predicted time arrived, winter arrived with a bang. Fifteen to twenty centimeters, swept in on 45km/hr winds (gusts of 60 – 70 k). Overnight.


It’s WINTER out there.

The children, of course, are delighted! So excited, so ready to get out and play, in their new mittens and new boots and new snowpants and new coats…

And me?

I’m feeling inert. I know I should get them out. It’s beautiful out there. Mild and a bit melty, which is perfect snowman weather. Perfect. I could dig out the kid-sized shovels and take them for a flounder in the drive. I could get them into

their new snowpants
(with the zippers and the snaps and the velcro and the elastic)
and their new coats,
(with the zippers and the snaps and the velcro and the toggles)
(or their hand-me-down onesie-style snowsuits, as the case may be)
their new vests
(zippers, velcro)
and neck-warmers
and fleeces
(zips and/or velcro)
and hats
(velcro and/or ties)
and wooly socks
and scarves
and sweaters
(some with buttons)
and leggings
and boots
(with liners, velcro, elastics and/or toggles)
and leg-warmers…

But somehow? Somehow the very thought of a FUN!!! outing to PLAY IN THE SNOW!!! just fills me with ennui… (Though really, I know I should be shouting “THANK GOD FOR VELCRO!!!!”… but I’m not.)

The battle is on:
I know the sunlight will do me good
and the fresh air will do them good
and they’re so cute, floundering about in the snow,
and really,
they’ll last about 14 minutes before they’re
and want to go in, anyway…

and suddenly, there’s that ennui thing again.

Yup, it’s winter, all right…

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