It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Early? Nope, both counts.

“She looks pretty tired. She not have a good night?”

Nissa’s face is pale, her eyes drooping and blue-shadowed, her entire demeanour uncharacteristically still as she stands, leaning into daddy’s leg.

“No, it was all right. She was up early, though, out of bed at 6:30.”

I’m surprised enough that it blurts out a bit more bluntly than is my normal style.

“Six-thirty’s not early for a child this age.” Unless… “Though I suppose it might depend on what time she goes to bed.” I’m curious now, because the fact is that anything past 6:30, for an under-two, pretty much constitutes sleeping in.

Dad starts ruminating. “Well, let’s see… she had her bath early, about… we got through supper early and she had her bath… it was early… probably 7:30, so she was in bed by eight.”

Okay, now. An eight-o’clock bedtime for a 22-month-old isn’t outrageous, but it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, early. Which makes me wonder, what’s normal in their house?

Oh, well. There are things I control, and things I don’t. The total hours sleep she got last night is perfectly reasonable, but Nissa is still recovering from last week’s plague. She’s weak and exhausted, and within five minutes of dad’s departure, she has had three raging, tearful outbursts.

Within six minutes of dad’s departure, she is down for a nap. Here’s hoping she feels better in an hour or so.

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