It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Pancake Tuesday

Was yesterday!


I totally forgot.

My food prep is not going well today. We were going to have leftovers from yesterday’s dinner — PLANNED leftovers — but we can’t. Because my family ate it all.


Of course, it was very, very good: butter chicken and naan, hot’n’spicy cauliflower and a lime-and-pepper cucumber salad. With rice, as my grandmother would have said, to “fill in the spaces”. But there should’ve been plenty for the tots. Plenty.

But that’s okay, because I just remembered I forgot Pancake Tuesday!!!

Guess what, kiddlies? We are going to have pancake WEDNESDAY this year, because pancakes are fun and easy and now I know what we’ve having for lunch. Yay!

I’m thinking the tots will not object.


February 17, 2010 Posted by | food, holidays | , | 10 Comments