It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Win some, you lose some

The laundry is washed and now hangs on the line — first outdoor laundry since last fall! A Sign of Spring! This makes me happy.

A batch of biscotti has been finished. (Didn’t get its second bake yesterday.)

A couple of emails have been written, two others replied to.

A new batch of playdough is done.

The bathroom has had its quick morning scrub.

The dog has had a 45-minute walk.

I chatted with the husband and the youngest daughter while they had breakfast. (We all make our own; I eat later.)

I have — OF COURSE — had my morning cup of tea, though. Maybe even two of them… 🙂

Last night’s dinner dishes have been taken from the drying rack and put away.

Dinner is made and in the slow cooker.

And it’s… 7:42.


The SAME morning.

This is AMAZING!

This is what happens when you wake at 4:15 a.m.

I’m guessing all this amazing productivity will be stone-cold dead about 6:30 this evening. The only question is whether I’ll make it to bed before falling asleep, or whether I’ll be face-down in my slow-cooked dinner…

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