It’s Not All Mary Poppins


March was rough. I was weary for much of it, not really enjoying the job, not really enjoying the children, feeling tired more than motivated. It showed here — or, rather, it didn’t, as I didn’t put in much of an appearance last month. I was too tired to blog, and wasn’t getting much joy out of the children, anyway. Write something entertaining? Oof. Kids being funny? They were just making me tiiiiired.

But I think I’ve turned the corner.

My four-day Easter weekend was exactly what was required. Just the right mix of completed projects, family time, husband time, friend time, and goofing-off time. Lots of hours spent savouring the glorious weather with a book and a cup of tea on the front porch. Lots of time spent walking the dog along the river.

I feel like a new woman. Bring on those babies!


April 6, 2010 Posted by | daycare, the dark side | 6 Comments