It’s Not All Mary Poppins

A different world

Emma, who had left the house a few moments ago, clad in her usual classy stylishness, reappears in the front hall.

“Forget something, sweetie?”

“Yeah. Today’s Wear Pink Day, to support gay rights.”

She’s wearing an oatmeal shrug over short dark green dress, brown tights, and tan suede ankle boots. No pink in sight.

“If I don’t wear pink, everyone will think I’m a homophobe.”

I cast back to my high school days, thirty years ago. While I don’t recall any actual harrassment of gay students, this is most likely because a) I was insulated in my straight ghetto, and b) they were all staying firmly in a nice, safe closet somewhere. And who could blame them? Homosexuality was disparaged. It was gross, it was perverted, it was the subject of sniggering, and always a perjorative. “That’s so gay!” “You faggot!” How many teens have the courage to brave that, with no outside support at all?

Emma comes downstairs in a purple dress, a pink pashmina draped around her neck and across one shoulder.

“There! Now I can go to school!”

We’ve come a long way, baby.

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