It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Spring has sprung. Whitely.

All better now!

Of course, since I spent large portions of yesterday asleep on the couch before retiring to bed at about, oh, seven p.m., I have now been AWAKE!! since 2:30…

It may be a loooong day.

Made even longer because it’s SNOWING out there. Yes, indeed. Ottawa managed the unparalleled feat of not getting any snow at all in March — absolutely unheard of — only to top it by snow on April 27th. Now, it’s pretty wet snow, and it won’t hang around more than a few hours, but when I walked the dog (at 6 am, because, hell, I’d been up for THREE AND A HALF HOURS), there was a lot of snow in the air and even teeny smudges of it on the grass.

Which means I will not be going out with the tots today. Not because of snow. We’re Canadians! But because it’s raw out there. Damp and chilly, the sort that goes right into your bones.


I am not taking my newly-recovered self out in that.

Well, apart from walking the dog, of course, but she’s fast on her feet. If I decide, Okay, I want to be INSIDE now, we can accomplish that in short order. If I am three blocks from home with four toddlers, it will take us 15 minutes.


So. Inside today, and I think we will talk about mud. Because there is mucho mud out there today, and when the snow turns to rain in a few hours, there will be even more, and MUD is a SIGN OF SPRING.

So we are making chocolate pudding! And sprinkling it with Oreo crumbs! And decorating it with gummi worms!

Because I am NOTHING if not health-conscious…

And we will talk about mud, and then we will EAT our mud.


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