It’s Not All Mary Poppins


A few of you have asked about how to deal with whining. A couple of years ago (good heavens, I just checked, and it was FOUR!!) I covered this in some detail. If you are curious, follow the link for Mary’s three-step, thee-week program to (virtually) eliminate whining.

May 4, 2010 - Posted by | parenting, whining


  1. Great, thanks! We’re working on it now. Our main problem is that she still needs a nap but doesn’t get one at nursery now, so I kind of understand that it’s hard on her to insist on the no whining in the evenings. She is exhausted and tired, but so am I and I can’t cope with constant whining after a long day at work trying to prepare food for my family. So the whining has to go. Otherwise I’ll start whining.

    Why isn’t she napping? Is she not cooperating, or it is nursery policy? (Nah. Couldn’t be. Who makes a policy to sleep-deprive toddlers??) Could you give her a 20-minute power nap upon return home, or would that just make matters worse? I’m sure you’ve tried giving her a snack to bolster flagging blood-sugar. Poor mite!

    However, as I say to the children all the time, “You may be [insert feeling here], but you may not [insert behaviour here].” So yes, she may be tired, but she can still talk rather than whine. Or whine on her own, out of earshot…

    Good luck with the retraining!

    Comment by cartside | May 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. nursery is too busy, before with the childminder she napped no probs, also at weekends with us. As none of the other kids in her nursery room nap, neither does she want to lose out.

    We’ve tried power nap and it does make things worse. It’s hard to keep her awake upon return home.

    However, we’ve made progress, still a lot of whining but she’s getting it and can do a fab impression of a cheerful request even when tired. Sometimes. And as you said in your most recent post – as long as we stay super calm, patient, positive, with lots of smiles and encouragement, things are better. It’s not easy at the end of an exhausting day, but the results show it’s worth it.

    Mwah-ha. Sounds to me like it’s the parents who are learning “you can feel X but you can’t do Y”!

    Comment by cartside | May 10, 2010 | Reply

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