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Mother’s Day Craft

Mother’s Day is on Sunday! Are you ready? WE are!

Taking a craft idea that is all over the internet, but which I originally found at that terrific craft resource, Frugal Family Fun Blog, I decided that we would make bath salts for all the mummies. Here are our ingredients:

Epsom Salts (ironic how BIG and BOLD the “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN” label is, huh?) But it’s salt, people, not arsenic, and they were supervised. No ingesting, no rubbing into eyes happened.

Other ingredients: food colouring and essential oil. Not shown: the bit of baking soda we tossed in for good measure.

I had all ingredients but the essential oil at home. The oil, after a bit of floundering, I found at a local health food store. That stuff ranges hugely in price, so I chose one that I liked but wouldn’t break the bank. (Rosemary, at about $8 for a small bottle that, at 5 drops a year, is liable to last me a hundred years. Much better than the rose scent at $45 a bottle!)

We put two cups of salt into a bowl, and then we counted!
One… two… three… four… five drops of food colouring, and
One… two… three… four… drops of oil.

And then you stir it up. It takes quite a bit of stirring, to get the colour evenly distributed. There were still darker bits flecked throughout when we were finished, but I liked that look. I don’t know how long you’d have to stir it to eliminate those. I don’t even know if it’s possible.

And then you pour it all onto a cookie sheet, and smooooooth it out. This takes a surprising amount of fine motor control, I discovered, to make a nice, smooth sheet instead of a tray of humps and bumps.

You leave it overnight. This helps the scent dissipate a bit. (Even with only four or five drops, I found it a bit overwhelming, but I’m sure that’s a matter of personal taste.) It also helps it to dry out, so as to avoid clumping.

But really, so you have a clump in your bath salts. You’re only going to toss it into a tub, so this step is not essential. Given how damp this week has been, I was in no way convinced that setting it out overnight was going to dry it much. I was almost convinced I’d come downstairs in the morning and see big pink and green stinky clumps.

But no! Just nice, smooth, pretty salt, smelling lightly of rosemary. Pretty, scented salts which we poured carefully into our pretty jars. (I picked those up at the dollar store at Christmas. I KNEW they’d come in handy for something!) (Well, actually, they did, briefly. They were filled with gorgeous cranberry relish, which I was going to give to the neighbours. Except I let them sit on my counter for too long, and… geez, cranberry relish develops mold REALLY fast, you know? So anyway. The bottles have all been disinfected, not to worry. The mummies are not being given mold spores in the bath salts.)

Using the funnel was a lot of fun. The kids were mesmerized. They also helped each other: one would hold the funnel so another could pour. (No, this picture doesn’t show that. Noah was being Independent.)

A pretty ribbon around the top…

Some tissue paper and a sparkly pipecleaner… and…


They were VERY proud.

And, once again proving my gift-giving acumen, the children have not spilled the beans to their mothers. The mothers know they are getting a gift. The mothers know it comes in a jar. But we have never used the terms ‘salt’, ‘bath salts’, ‘essential oil’, ‘perfume’. Not once. So, lacking the vocabulary, they’ll only say inexplicable things like, ‘white stuff’ and ‘jars’ and ‘pink and green’.

Oh, and ‘stinky’. (Because I used THAT word, yes, I did. Just to play with the mummy’s heads a wee bit…)

Happy Mother’s Day!

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