It’s Not All Mary Poppins


“Down! Doowwwwwn!”
She takes my neatly-folded jeans out of the laundry basket and dumps them on the floor.

She looks at the jeans, now on the floor.
“Uh-oh! Uh, oh, down!”

She crawls to my sweetie, fixes her enormous chocolate brown eyes on him, lifts her dimpled arms.
“Up! Up! Up! Up! Up! Up! Up!”

She stands at the high chair.
“Meh-meh-weeee! Meh-meh-weeee, UP!”

She crawls to where I’ve tossed her fleece jacket onto the floor, in preparation for going out. She picks it up and holds it out to me as I help Noah zip his jacket.
“Tang-oo! Tang-oo!”
(Who says little ones don’t ‘get’ “thank you”?)

Baby Lily has started talking, and it’s the cutest damned thing you’ve ever heard.

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