It’s Not All Mary Poppins


Haven’t done a meme in forever, and I have no inspiration whatsoever for today’s post, so when I found Clumberkim’s, I decided this was a gift from the universe, and I scarfed it.

1. What’s your favorite color?
Green. I prefer darker shades, am also partial to blue-green hues, though I love them all… except chartreuse, aka “bile” or “puke” green.

2. If you were headed to a desert island and could take just one CD, what would it be?
Oh, gracious. Right now? A disk by Harry Manx, called Wise and Otherwise. Ask me in a month, it’ll be something entirely different.

3. Ginger or Mary Ann?
Mary Ann. She was kind of gag-me cutesy-wholesome, but at least she knew better than to wear evening gowns to breakfast.

4. Cake or pie? Why? What kind? (Yeah, I’m calling that one question.)
Not really a fan of either. (You know, me and that whole ‘sweet’ thing.) Pie, probably, because there’s like, you know, real food in it, somewhere in all that sugar. And of the possibilities? Strawberry-rhubarb, I think.

5. What was your favorite book when you were in high school?
I read voraciously in high school, more than I do now. I recall really liking “Brave New World” and “The Chrysalids“.

6. What is your dream car?
I have no dream car. Not a car person. If I owned a car, it would be inexpensive, fuel efficient, and probably a hybrid. I think there’s no such thing, so at the moment I have no car. Suit me fine, and saves me a boatload of money.

7. If you had unlimited resources for a service project anywhere in the world, what would you do and where?
My current interest is Medecins sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders. They do so much, and go to places few other organizations brave.

8. Do you speak a language other than English?
No. Wish I did. I’d start with French, and after that, for a complete change of pace, Arabic. Other interests: Swahili and Japanese.

9. What is your musical guilty pleasure?
Don’t think I have one. Are there types of music you’re not supposed to enjoy? (I mean, there are types I don’t like, of course, but that’s just me. Other people are allowed to like them!)

10. What did you do on your last vacation?
Does ‘vacation’ mean ‘time off work’, or actual trip? My last actual trip was two or three years ago, and a Real Vacation was almost ten years ago, when we went to France. Mostly we hang around the house and get stuff done.

May 20, 2010 - Posted by | memes and quizzes


  1. You just made my heart go pitter pat. I think rhubarb is the devil, but I still love you and desperately wish you lived in Pittsburgh.

    Aw, thank you! I know I’m supposed to come up with questions of my own, but I just don’t have it in me today. I’m sure the rhubarb thing is all about associations. Some of my happy childhood summer memories, see, include taking a small container of sugar into the back yard, tearing up a humungo stalk of rhubarb from the plant back there, and wandering around, dipping and eating. (NOT the leaves. They’re poisonous. Though my sister uses them to clean burnt stains off her pots!)

    Comment by ClumberKim | May 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. Have you read the book Six Months in Sudan, which is the fuller version of the story of a young doctor’s first stint with MSF, which grew out of the blog he kept while he was there? Really interesting.

    Comment by kittenpie | May 27, 2010 | Reply

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