It’s Not All Mary Poppins

La, la, la… oops

My iPod is in the dock, Bruce Cockburn singing softly in the background. I love this dock. It’ll take any iPod or iPhone, and it plays CDs as well, all in a tidy black package, its two neat speakers putting out as much sound as I’ll ever require of it.

Sounds, I suddenly notice as I kneel on the floor changing little Rory’s diaper, that I wasn’t expecting. We’ve moved past Bruce Cockburn and on to… Oh, how sweet. My ever-thoughtful husband remembered that I’d mentioned needing to mix up the songs on my iPod, and has added a bunch more tunes. Elton John wouldn’t be my first choice, mind you, but some of his stuff I quite like. Besides, it’s the thought that counts. 🙂

Rory smiles up at me as I sing mindlessly along with Elton’s happy fluff. “You love music, don’t you, sweetie?” Pausing to speak breaks into my mindlessness, and suddenly I hear what I’ve been singing for the past minute.

If the boy’s first word is “bitch“, you’ll know who to blame.

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