It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Sun Power!

Our theme for the month is Summer. We are currently talking about the sun, and so when I found that Valerie had made a solar-powered oven with her girls, I decided that we would do the very same thing.

(Not only does it fit in with our theme, but how better to demonstrate the need for sunscreen than by watching the sun actually, physically cook something?! No, I don’t plan on scaring the tots… but maybe for a reluctant 8-year-old?)

We found a box in the recycling bin, a nice sturdy one with a removable lid, and we lined it with tin foil.

We found a lid from a plastic container in the adjacent recycling bin (one for plastics and glass, one for paper!), cut a hole in the lid of our study box — on three sides only! you’ll need that flap! — inserted the plastic for our window.

A few pieces of tape at the corners to secure the window in place…

cover your flap with foil so it can reflect sunlight down into the box…

and ta-dah! Your very own solar-powered oven!! Next up: PIZZA!!!

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