It’s Not All Mary Poppins

New Baby!

I’ve signed on a new baby to start in January!!! Deposit cheque deposited, contract signed, and two visiting days under our belts. The conclusion?

A lovely, lovely baby. With a very nice mommy. Daddy seems terrific, too, though I’ve seen less of him. I think this will change in January, when mommy is back to work.

Let’s see… She’s small for her age, and active. ACTIVE. Not crazy-going-to-kill-myself active. This is coordinated, athletic active.

“Mary! Mary, Baby Girl is standing on the chair!”

“Yes, Emily, I see that. I’ve been watching her, and I think it’s safe for her.”

“Baby Lily isn’t allowed to stand on the chairs.”

“That’s true. That’s because Baby Lily doesn’t pay attention to the edges, and she’s liable to fall. Baby Girl knows exactly where those edges are. I think it’s safe for her to stand on the chair.”

“But Baby Lily is BIGGER!”

“I KNOW! Isn’t that WEIRD??”

I get The Look. The one that says, “I think you’re mocking me, but I can’t quite figure out how, so I shall not Deign to Reply.” Hee.

New Baby Girl is small, she is quick, she is coordinated, she is quicksilver. She’s still a bit unnerved to be here, but she’s willing to be distracted and/or soothed. She likes the stroller and looooooves to be outside, so outside we go.

She can talk, though we don’t hear much yet, since she keeps her soother firmly in place.

That’s okay. She’s new.

She doesn’t eat, at all. Offer her food and she reacts in strident indignation. Outrage, even. It’s easy to see why she’s small. Food is just not significant to her.

That’s okay, too. She knows what she needs. She’ll eat when she’s relaxed and familiar in this new place.

But she does snuggle, and she does sit on my lap, and she does calm when I soothe her. She watches the other children, she interacts, and she thinks Emily is the most wonderfullest.

“I am like the Big Sister to the new baby.”

“I think you are, Emily. You’ve had lots of practice with Tyler, so you are a very good big sister.”

So Emily is wonderful. And Emily’s belly button? THE BEST THING EVER!!!! New Baby Girl hunts Emily down, grabs her shirt and yoinks it out of the way so as to poke a tiny finger into the button on that so-round belly. Poke, poke, poke.

Which Emily thinks is HYSTERICAL, so it’s all good.

New Baby Girl is a hoot.

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Happy Halloween Craft, inspired by Frugal Family Fun blog, cheerfully crafted by Tyler and Emily.

I just love their sweet, lop-sided charm!

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