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“Mary…” Tyler hands me a fistful of glitter glue tubes, mercifully capped. “Mary, Rory fell this down.”

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The best medicine

Have you all heard of “Damn You, Auto Correct!” ?

I hadn’t, not before yesterday morning. Oh, my lord, that site is FUNNY.

Laugh-out-loud funny.

Pee-yourself-laughing funny.

Laugh till you cry funny.

Note that last item. If you’ve had a seriously awful time of it lately, if you’ve been putting on a good face and just plodding through it, one foot ahead of the other, if you’ve been feeling life is pretty damned unfair, all in all, and the world shockingly lacking in compassion …

If any of that is true, you might just find yourself laughing, and then laughing till the tears run down your face, and then you might suddenly notice the tears have turned to sobs which shudder through your whole body. Could be you’ll sob until there are no more tears, just the silent, heaving shudders. (Because, you know, you don’t want to be waking people at five in the morning just because that’s when you wake.)

And you might, at the end of all that…

You might feel a whole helluva lot better. You’ll look like hell, mind you, blotchy and swollen and red-rimmed and snotty, but you’ll feel fifty pounds lighter, and you just might feel like you can breathe for the first time in weeks.

It’s not always easy medicine, but it sure is effective.

And is that not the funniest damned site you’ve ever encountered?


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