It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Little kids have so much ENERGY!!!

I wish.

“Happy birss-day to you!
Happy birss-day to you!”

Tyler and Emily are making birthday cakes from playdough. When a birthday cake is completed, one must present it to the birthday boy or girl in song. Of course.

“Happy boouth-day, to you!”

It’s a catchy little ditty. The sort that very quickly becomes an ear worm.

“Happy boouth-day, dear Tyler!”

Well, it would be a catchy little ditty if it were sung the way you’re probably hearing it in your head. The version I’m hearing…

“Haaaaappyyyyy biiiiiirrrsssss-daaaaaay, deeeeeear Eeeemilllllly”

…the version I’m hearing has all the vitality of the Song of the Volga Boatmen.

“Haaaappyyyy biirrrirsssss-daaaaay toooo yooooooou!”

Happy Birthday as a funeral march.

“Haaaa-peeee biiiiirssss-daaaaaay toooooo yoooooou…”

Lugubrious to the max.

“Aaaaand maaaaannyyyyyy mooooore.”

Oh, please, no. I’m getting more depressed by the minute.

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