It’s Not All Mary Poppins

New Arrival at Mary’s!

Isn’t he sweeeeeeet?

He’s not mine. He’s Emma’s. Emma has been lobbying for a dog of her own, a small dog, for quite some while. She wore me down won me over, and I conceded. Small dog.

He’s small, all right… At 1.9 kg (4 pounds) he’s a smidge overweight, though at only ten weeks, he has a fair bit of growing ahead of him. He’s a miniature poodle/Shih Tzu cross, which makes him, officially, a “Shih Poo”. Emma, however, is seventeen. Is she calling him a “Shih Poo”? She is not.

She is calling him a “Shit Poo”. Of course.

He’s a laptop dog.

His name… is Romeo.

And what does Indie, our resident dog, think of him?

Well, after careful inspection… “It smells like a dog”…

“Though I dunno… do dogs come that small?…”

They discovered that they have at least a few doggie interests in common…

Hey, you guys! Don’t be chewing the shoes!!

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  1. How cute! I must confess; at 41 I too would be calling him a “shit poo”.

    Hee. (We all do, too… Particularly the husband.)

    Comment by Bethany | December 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. He is impossibly gorgeous Mary! Just as well, ’cause although he’s not yours, he surely will be in a few years when Emma leaves home – no?

    The plan so far, barring unforeseen events, and pending university acceptances, is for her to start university in the fall. She plans to live at home during her studies, so he’ll be around for four years, at least. After that? She wants to take him with her! (And I shall let her. Adorable as he is, I have quite enough things to look after, thanks so much.)

    Comment by Maisy | December 29, 2010 | Reply

  3. He is SO cute. I love his beautiful blue eyes.

    The pictures were a surprise to us, because though they sure are blue in the pictures, in real life, they look quite, quite brown. So… are they blue or brown? If that was just his eyes reacting to the flash, they’d shine red (no?) so I guess they really are blue… even though most of the time they look brown.

    Comment by Sarah | December 29, 2010 | Reply

  4. So cute. what does the kids say about the soft toy doggie_

    They haven’t met him yet. I’m off until next week!

    Comment by suza | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  5. omg! he is sooooo cute! we are giving in and getting our kiddos a pup in february! love the name—hate human names for animals, so the naming i think will be tough for us!

    I don’t like human names for dogs generally, either, but then this isn’t my dog, and I didn’t name him. As it happens, for me Romeo isn’t a real name, (though I’m sure I’d feel differently if I were Italian!). It’s undeniable: As my husband says, “He has ‘adorable’ down pat!”

    Comment by Dana | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  6. Pups’ eyes can be a bit cloudy to start with, may be that.

    I’d not even mention the cross breeds to Squiffany. She talks quite enough about poos and bums at present – school is evidently a bad influence! In front of her, he’d simply be a mongrel and proud of it!

    I once attended a lecture in university on “Swift’s Excremental Vision”. Very erudite, indeed. I’m sure, if Squiffany could understand the vocabulary, she would greatly enjoy the concept… I confess that we 19-year-old undergrads spent an unseemly part of the two hours sniggering. Tout ca change…

    Comment by Z | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  7. *Squeeeeee!*

    So cute. Congratulations on your grandpuppy!

    Thank you! He is THE cutest puppy in the known universe. (I can say this without hesitation because he slept in Emma’s room last night, so I got a full night’s sleep, whereas she got about four hours of fractured sleep… At about 1:30 a.m., she was wondering what on earth she’d gotten herself into. I told her all three of my own children, including her own lovely self, had me thinking the same thing when they were ten weeks old, too…)

    Comment by IfByYes | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  8. So cute, and I don’t like dogs. Have the day care kids met him yet?

    No. I’m off work this week. Not back till Tuesday. It will be fun, though I suspect I will be protecting the pup from too much rough handling enthusiastic loving.

    Comment by jwg | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  9. He’s so darling!!!

    My sister had a yorkie poo for all of three weeks (she also has severe OCD and the germs finally got the better of her) and she was the cutest little thing. I love tiny dogs! And I love those pictures! They made me all warm and fuzzy inside (o:

    I am not generally a fan of small dogs. They’re so often yappy, they’re so often SO badly behaved (though I know that’s their owner’s fault), and the truly teeny ones (not Yorkies, which, while usually yappy, are sweet as the dickens) look more like insects to me than dogs. Maybe I’m scarred by the recollection of my piano teacher’s chihuahua (Ringo), who, when I was eleven, would hump my ankle like crazy whenever I sat down at the table for the theory part of my lessons… But Romeo? I am a fan of Romeo. He is cute as cute as cute can be, he loves being cuddled above all things, he’s not sexually overwrought, and he’s not keeping me up at night. What’s not to like??

    Comment by Kristy | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  10. A friend of mine in high school had a shit poo, I never knew that wasn’t the real name!

    Well, really. The real breed is pronounced “Shit-Zu”. Why would you change the pronunciation of the first syllable just because the second syllable is “poo”?? Okay, I know why, but it’s not logical!

    Comment by Morgyn | December 30, 2010 | Reply

    • You could call it a Poo-Tzu…

      Comment by IfByYes | January 2, 2011 | Reply

  11. One of my best friends in highschool had a “Shit-Zu!” Cutest little guy, ever!
    LOVE the blue eyes! (Even if they aren’t that way in “real life!”)
    (We took a family photo recently and I had not noticed until sending it to a friend that while all of us humans had “red-eye” our dog had green eyes in the pic! Hers are either a brown or a decidely vacant, endless something-or-other-not-green in real life!)
    You never know what those photos will show! 😉

    Comment by LoryKC | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  12. OMG! He looks exactly like nemo did as a puppy! Identical, even down to the blue/brown eyes! Train him, train him, we spoilt nemo and he now is a pain! Apply your childcare principles! Dont be fooled by the cuteness, small dogs have big ideas…

    Comment by jenny | January 1, 2011 | Reply

  13. Congrats and Happy New Year!

    Comment by QandleQueen | January 2, 2011 | Reply

  14. We have a 12 year old Shih-Tsu Poodle mix. She’s a dear. Definitely not yappy, though she does bark when people bring their dogs by our house on their way to the park behind our house. I hope you enjoy Romeo as much as we enjoy our Snickers! (By the way, I’ve been told that small dogs, especially young ones, have trouble regulating their body temperature. It has proven true for Snickers. We live in Portland, Oregon and she wears a sweater about 6 months of the year to keep warm!)

    The vet told us the same thing. In fact, she said “they don’t tolerate cold OR heat well”. (What is the poor baby doing living in Ottawa??) So Romeo has a little coat and teeny booties. He hasn’t worn them a lot yet, since the temperatures have been astonishingly mild (hovering right around freezing). But we take them with us, nonetheless, and if he starts shivering, we put them on! (What will we do in the summer? Buy him a teeny speedo??)

    Comment by Jan | January 3, 2011 | Reply

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