It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Crate Mates?

People have been asking us how the old dog is adjusting to the new dog. The first 48 – 72 hours were a bit growly and snarly and occasionally even snappy when Romeo was toooo persistent. Given that Indie outweighs Romeo by about 1200%, I was a tad nervous about this.

What does a new mommy (gramma?) do when she’s nervous about her baby? She consults experts on the Internet, of course!!!! (That’s why you’re all here, right? Mwah-ha.) Carol assured me that dogs in a low-stress situation don’t hurt each other. Big dog needed to be allowed to put little dog in his place, and the noise was just that, noise. (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carol, for the peace of mind!)

There has been essentially no growling since those early couple of days. Well, there was that one time Romeo tried to take Indie’s brand-new bone away from her*, which got suddenly, loudly fierce… for about 2 seconds. (*Because Romeo is a puppy, and he’s kind of stupid that way…)

They have sorted things out, and Romeo pretty much knows and accepts his place in the order of things. His place…

which seems to be…

in Indie’s crate…

cuddled up next to her…

So when people ask how they’re getting along?

I think I can safely say they’re doing pretty well.



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