It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Fashion Puppy

When the vet warned Emma that dogs of Romeo’s ilk don’t handle the cold well (Jan, you were right!), was she distressed? Worried? Dismayed?

She was NOT.

Emma loves to shop. Well, that’s not universally true. Groceries? Meh. Hardware stores (which I love!), video game stores, electronics stores? Equally indifferent. Book, card, and fabric stores are more interesting. But … accessories, clothes, and shoes? Those make her little fashionista heart go pitter-pat.

So. A dog that doesn’t deal well with cold? This is not a pathetic weakling dog. This is not a canine embarrassment to dogdom. A dog that doesn’t deal well with cold is a dog with FASHION NEEDS! Visions of so-cute coats and wee doggie sweaters danced before her eyes. Maybe she could even discover some well-chosen and tasteful doggie accessories! Who knows?? She and pup hastened forthwith down to the local upscale doggie boutique.

Where she discovered that, because he’s so small and all, he fits precisely ONE style of coat just yet. I imagine her disappointment was profound, but she took it well. One style of coat, so that’s what he got.

And isn’t it CUTE? A weeny little doggie parka! Complete with fur-trimmed hood! (Can I have a rousing “aaaaawwwww”?)

He’s supposed to wear boots, too. (Much as I am smitten with wee Romeo — and I am! — I admit my big-dog-loving heart rolls its eyes at this. (Yes, my heart has eyes.) Fondly, but still… Coat and boots? Eesh.)

Turns out that there are boots for ALL sizes of dog, from Extra-Large, down through Small, Extra-small, and ending at (brace yourself)… Itty Bitty.

Guess what?

His feet are too small for Itty Bitty boots…

So he has a few sets of these.

Yup. Little rubber booties for your pup.

“They look like balloons!” said Emily, delighted. Emily is five.

Emma has a slightly different take, for Emma is seventeen.

“Condoms. My dog wears condoms on his feet.”

Sure looks that way. But at least they’re dry and salt-free condoms balloons rubbers boots!

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The tots ate my homework

Today we…

— went out for a short flounder in the snow. (Coats, hats, mittens, snowpants, scarves/neckwarmers, boots times four.)

— during which time the puppy had a pee. “YAY, Romeo!!!” (Toddlers being experts in Encouraging Housebreaking Potty-training. There may even have been some Potty Dancing around the puddle of steaming dampness.

— came back inside (De-coat, hat, mitten, scarf/neckwarmer, boots… times four.) Oh wait, five. I was wearing all that stuff, too.

— Oh, wait. Six coats, if you count the puppy.

— made some more foam mittens for our WINTER banner (pictures forthcoming)

— made some foam winter clothing cut-outs for Emily’s banner, which she will be taking home today

— cleared the table of 146 pounds of craft debris so that we could

— eat apples and peanut butter for snack.

— We read forty-three gazillion books

— made an attempt to sing our way through the Porcupine in a Pine Tree book. (“Attempt” because I have a touch of laryngitis, which manifests most obviously when I sing. The voice starts out okay… a bit thready, but okay, and steadily deteriorates.) By the ninth day, Tyler looked at me and said, MOST reproachfully,

“You are just PRETENDING to sing, Mary.”

My attempts to explain — with a voice that is pretty much business as usual for talking — that I wasn’t doing that on purpose were met with scathing skepticism.

We also…

— played with puzzles

— talked about shapes and colours

— did our weather calendar

— and our regular calendar

— and our charting (for vocabulary and reading)

We sang… well, they sang, and I sort of chanted… “Ring around a Rosie”…

— which led to a discussion of why Lily says “Ashes, Ashes” while the rest of us say “Hush-a, Hush-a”. (Touching on things like “folk song”, “very old”, “many variations”, she’s from West Virginia (er, far away from here, in a whole ‘nuther country!!))

…Twinkle, Twinkle; ABC; My Father is a Garbageman; I’m a Little Smelly Skunk… and a bunch of other songs.

— We had rice and beans for lunch. Emily LOVES rice and beans. “I will have FOUR helpings!” she declared as she raised her spoon. Everyone enjoys rice and beans, but no one loves them like Emily.

She managed three helpings before rolling away from the table…

We washed hands and faces, then cleared the table so that we could

— colour large paper pieces, cut into mitten shapes

— and then, while the other children were napping, Emily and I made some of these VERY cool snowflakes starbursts. (Can’t be snowflakes, you know, because our theme for the month is Winter (subset snow), and EVERYONE knows that snowflakes have SIX points, not eight. Emily was Very Clear on this point. “And six is two less than eight”, she declared, showing commendable subtraction skills, “so these are not snowflakes!”)

— Then, while Emily napped, I made a couple of quiches and a spicy carrot salad for dinner, and took the puppy out to pee.

— When Emily woke again, she and I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

— and did the dishes from cookies, quiche, and salad prep.

And now everyone else is starting to wake up. We will have fresh-baked oatmeal cookies and milk for snack.

And that? That is why I didn’t blog today.

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Yes, he’s that small

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Ten Things

Idea stolen from Bridgett: Ten Items I’m Glad I Possess

1. I probably opted to do this meme because our first item is the same: socks. Bridgett’s are wool, mine are mohair. Every year I buy a couple more pair of kid mohair socks — I’m up to eight pairs now, I think, meaning some are four years old, and I have yet to wear a hole in one. They’re expensive, but so worth it. Warmest socks I have ever owned.

2. My piano. Well, a keyboard, really, and not quite the full 88, but I’m very happy with it anyway. ( I’m happy to possess the piano — and the ability to play it!)

3. My dogs. (Does one possess dogs? However you decide, the dogs bring great joy into my life. (So do my kids, but you definitely don’t possess them!))

4. My food processor. So many good things come from that thing. Today it was curry paste for the chicken, and the batter for chocolate almond macaroons. Nom.

5. My lovely little house on its lovely little street.

6. My feather pillow. I got it for Christmas last year. Love it, love it, love it. Similarly, feather duvet. Soooooo warm.

7. My optimism. No, not an item, really, but it makes my life a much happier thing. I am grateful to be optimistic.

8. Another not-exactly-an-item: My creativity. A great artist I’ll never be, but I am creative, and great satisfaction comes from that. (I thank my mother for the creative genes.) 🙂

9. My laptop. I would go crazy without my laptop.

10. Books. By extension, the local library, which, no I don’t possess, exactly, but I have absolutely done far more than most to support it. Not because of the taxes I pay — everyone pays those — but because of my library fines. Which are frequent, and too frequently large. Or at least large-ish. Sigh. Oh, well: my absent-mindedness is the library’s gain, no?

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Lyrics are challenging things

Heard here. Today. All of them.

Emily manages the occasional lyrical mangling, generally pretty entertaining. “Hit the ground, Jack, and never come back no more, no more, no more, no more…”

Or this one (from before the holiday): “Hark a herald angel sings, ‘Glory be! A new-born king.’ ” (One hears an echo of the south in this Canadian girl… who has never ventured further in that direction than Albany. New York.)

Entertaining as those may be, it is Tyler who is the Undisputed King of Mangled Lyrics.

“Winkle, winkle, little star…”

Okay, not too far-fetched, but hang on, it gets better…

“The more we get a-gether, a-gether, a-gether, the more we get a-gether, the fatter we’ll be…” I don’t know about your holiday feasting, but that’s pretty true of the state of the waistlines around here…

But the piece de la resistance, the cream of the crop, the ultimate in lyric-warping…

“Don’t worry, pee happy, every little thing, got a penis right…”

Bob would be so proud.

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Welcome back!

They’re back, and I swear they’ve all grown in the past ten days!

Romeo is a hit. (Less so with me, given that he pooped in the kitchen 12 seconds before I took him outside this morning. Really. He was in his little coat and everything. I turned my back for a second to snap on Indie’s leash, he trotted into the kitchen, I did up my coat and then went to get him, and … Oh, well. All part of the learning curve!)

We’ve been outside, we frolicked in the snow. We came inside and cut out mittens for our craft later today. We’ve had snack, and now we’re waiting for Emily’s school bus. There were a few tears at drop-off — pretty much standard after a long break — but nothing that lasted more than a minute or two. And now I am sitting in the dining room while Grace finishes her snack in her highchair and Tyler and Rory lose cars under the couch. (And then go extract them and come out covered in dustballs. Who needs a Swiffer?)

It’s good to be back in the groove.


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